5-Tier Cupcake Stand

Product Description

Create a fun and artistic cupcake display with this 5-tier cupcake stand. With an attractive metallic coated finish and the capacity to hold 38 cupcakes and/or individual treats, this 4-tier cupcake stand adds a touch of elegance to any celebration.

Featuring a twisting, carousel-like design, this 5-tier cupcake stand is easy to assemble and to use. This cupcake stand is perfect for any setting, whether is it for weddings, birthday or holiday parties.

This 5-tier cupcake stand:

  • Is non-toxic.
  • Is silver in colour and has a durable non-chip finish. 
  • Features a collapsible design.
  • Stores easily and safely.
  • Can hold a total of 38 cupcakes.
$15.00 $26.90

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