About Us


Welcome to Doodle A Cake!

Doodle A Cake was set up in January 2012 due to our fondness for experimenting with all the different tools and equipment used to make beautiful cakes. However, as the sugarcraft and cake decorating market in Singapore was still in its infancy stage, there were many products that were not available in the various baking supplies shops in Singapore. There were tools such as stencils, imprint mats, imprint rolling pins that were simply unavailable anywhere other than the Internet. 

Armed with the enthusiasm to find all the tools possible to make the most beautiful cake, we went to locate the suppliers who could produce such tools with the same quality materials under the same Quality Assurance guidelines as the big brands. The key differences are that packaging is simplified and the products not imprinted with brand names. Thus, Doodle-A-Cake was set up to retail and sell these tools to customers in Singapore and the region, making baking an inexpensive hobby for everyone!

Please feel free to browse through our online store and we hope that you'll love the product offerings available. Till then, keep doodling your cakes!

Yours Sincerely,
Doodle A Cake